Sometimes you want to downloading an entire web site that you can take and view even without internet access. Using wget you can make such copy easily:

$ wget --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites --no-parent

Explanation of the various flags:

  • –mirror – Makes (among other things) the download recursive.
  • –convert-links – convert all the links (also to stuff like CSS stylesheets) to relative, so it will be suitable for offline viewing.
  • –adjust-extension – Adds suitable extensions to filenames (html or css) depending on their content-type.
  • –page-requisites – Download things like CSS style-sheets and images required to properly display the page offline.
  • –no-parent – When recursing do not ascend to the parent directory. It useful for restricting the download to only a portion of the site.

Alternatively, the command above may be shortened:

$wget -mkEpnp

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